Rim-Mix S successful launch

Rim-Mix S successful launch for customers with bespoke applications requiring 3 or more component streams. Gap in market identified for processors of non-traditional more demanding plural mixing systems which demand dynamic mixing instead of the usual 2-component similar viscosity materials.

Chemical industry have created new materials requiring sophisticated dynamic mixing solutions so formulated materials can be reliably processed in challenging situations. On board or offshore.

AutoRIM were identified by a number as a highly skilled knowledge based company that could work with chemical company and customer to provide a reliable, cost effective bespoke solution for new generation materials which have improved physical properties create a more robust product used in challenging circumstances from subsea to clinical care.

The last couple of years have been challenging worldwide but the polymer chemical industry continued its work to develop new materials and now processors are seeking improved mixing solutions.

AutoRIM were identified as a highly skilled knowledge based company, ISO90001 accredited, that could work with major internationals to bring a bespoke dynamic mixing machine solution for new generation materials including Flexilon and Hypol. AutoRIM developed the Rim-Mix S series in conjunction with customers bespoke applications requiring 3 or more chemical components across a diversity of products including pipe assurance for field jointing on board ship to clinical clean room hydrophilic foams for respiratory filtration and wound dressing.

The S range brings in 3rd, 4th and 5th component mixing at processing temperatures up to 60C which complements the AutoRIM standard Rim-Mix 2-component range offering outputs from 10g/sec to 4000g/sec.

The AutoRIM Rim-Mix range has become the benchmark against which other machines are measured. The RM unit is manufactured wholly in the UK using components often sourced within 25 miles of the Whaley Bridge factory. The 200th RM machine was recently delivered to a longstanding happy customer and the user base is growing worldwide with the appointment of a number of key partners who are bringing the Rim-Mix to a growing international market.