H&S Anlagentechnik | Bulk storage

AutoRIM represent H&S Anlagentechnik in the UK and Ireland, supplying solutions for tanks storage systems for polyol, isocyanate and pentane. Of state of the art design with a high level of technical performance, bulkstorage is a preferred alternative to more costly and less environmentally friendly option of chemical supply in drum or IBC.

hs anlagentechnik

Chemical bulkstorage for polyol, isocyanate and pentane

Bulk storage offers many advantages for the polyurethane processor. This includes improved raw material prices and storage with control over pressure and temperature in pipelines and tanks. Reduced interruption to production by changing or refilling of drums is eliminated and there is no longer a requirement or cost for disposal of contaminated vessels.

Storage of blowing agents such as pentane can be provided by  above ground or underground safe and reliable storage to a high safety standard including leak detection, gas alarm and overfilling protection.

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