High pressure PU mixing machines from KraussMaffei

When energy efficiency for climate protection and sustainable planet stewardship is to the forefront of discussion, polyurethane processors are demanding machines designed for more sophisticated production requirements. High pressure metering brings green credentials to PU processing by eliminating the requirement for solvent and in reducing chemical usage.

Krauss Maffei

KraussMaffei supply innovative high pressure PU mixing and metering machines for outstanding product quality and performance in polyurethane chemistry processing. In a range of outputs from 15 grams/sec to more than 5,000 kg/sec. High pressure PU technology from the RimStar and EcoStar range gives reliable and consistent mixing to achieve excellent product performance, with minimal chemical requirement.

With lower upfront investment cost, attractive delivery times, and premium quality components the KraussMaffei EcoStar brings exceptional performance as an introduction to high pressure processing. The modular design RimStar can be flexibly configured, tailored to customer requirements and expanded at any time during its lifecycle. Rheologically optimised supply lines ensure minimal pressure loss, precise temperature control engineering, process reliability and maximum component quality.

Designed with polyurethane in mind the KraussMaffei range of axial piston metering pumps with easy access to handwheel adjustment provide consistency and reliability with minimum downtime across a wide range of PU processing outputs.

The mix head is the most important part of the machine and ensures homogenous mixing of components. KraussMaffei hydraulically operated mix head technology is available in linear or transverse design. Mix head hydraulic pack with oil temperature conditioning is provided with feed pump, pressure accumulator, high pressure filter, return flow filter and minimum fill level sensor.

Plate heat exchangers for accurate process temperature control are mounted to the machine base frame and provide components of higher quality and reduced scrap rate from improved temperature, pressure and process control.

In line edge type filter fitted to component suction lines for pump protection. Automatic air dryer provides a complete processing system of heatless adsorption with pre and after filters and condensate drain.

Standard HMI by TP1200 can be used for up to 99 pouring programmes each for storage of up to 8 partial shots from integrated or mobile control panel. The PUC08 process data acquisition upgrade option is a robust industrial computer with hard drive to communicate with PLC by ethernet with all process data logged and stored in SQL database.