Polytec EMC | PU elastomer casting

As an equipment manufacturer, Polytec EMC offer tailor-made solutions for all fields and industries requiring mechanical processing of polyurethane, adhesives and sealants, PUR hot-cast elastomers, casting compounds, epoxy resins, silicons, glues, RIM systems, and sealing foams.

Polytec EMC machinery solutions reduce manual input, improving environmental workplace conditions even in harsh production environments offering a broad range of multiple component low pressure dispensing systems that allow choice and the ability to optimise the production process.

Compact – Ideal for laboratory and testing facilities for small to medium production runs

Standard – Fully heated units for use with 2 or 3 component casting, metering, mixing or dispensing MDi or TDi material systems

Special – A flexible platform for the design of high quality limitless customised solutions

Ancillary equipment – A comprehensive range of options including small reactors, high temperature curative melters, centrifugal casting moulds and casting under vacuum

With more than 30 years of experience of polyurethane elastomer processing, Polytec EMC offer simple to operate, multi component casting, mixing, metering and dispensing systems with faster, homogeneous mixing, more precise dosing and better application.

In partnership with AutoRIM Limited, Polytec EMC Engineering work to achieve the ideal system layout for polyurethane elastomer processing. The Polytec EMC development team design and configure systems to meet specification needs including programming for a customised solution for simple and safe large scale operation, serviced and supported by AutoRIM Limited in the UK and Ireland, providing bubble-free, multi component dispensing systems for liquid materials.

  • Casting including catalyst, colour or additive injection
  • Mixing head designed for up to 10 material ports to reduce cross contamination of additives and pigments
  • Adhesive-bonding
  • Easy to use HMI
  • Foaming for gaskets
  • Dynamic or static mixing to meet material and process requirements
  • Full independent recirculation of material for consistent temperature control of process
  • Energy efficient stand-by settings on material tanks.
  • Modular approach for multi component processing
  • Choice of mass flow measurement
  • Spraying
  • Data logging and remote access

Made in Austria supported locally in Great Britain and Ireland

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