Cast polyurethane elastomers

In this very specialist field of low-pressure urethane processing AutoRIM partner with Polytec EMC for machines that reliably prepare bubble free, high temperature, multi-component elastomer castings. 

From initial contact, AutoRIM offer experienced elastomer technical advice and unrivalled knowledge of process chemistry for successful production of polyurethane elastomer components. These are backed up by a team of UK based fully trained experts in engineering support and also supply of spare parts.

POLYTEC EMC manufacture a wide range of equipment for PUR elastomer casting. The polyurethane two component machine can be easily extended by the addition of component module to a three component modular system right up to special purpose plant for up to eight component processing built to customer requirements.

Tank sizes range from 40 litres to 2,000 litre for accurate temperature control up 150˚C. Machines are operated simply and safely by a Siemens control system with a touch panel. Discharge rates can vary up to 150 litres/minute incorporating mass-flow systems, cross-linker handling systems. Machines can be specified for open cast moulding, bottom filling, rotational casting, casting under vacuum etc. A wide range of additive and colour dispensing units are also available.

Dynamic or static mixing, spraying, casting, adhesive bonding and foaming. Polytec EMC development team will work with you to establish a system layout for your requirements. Options include a mix head designed for up to 10 material ports to reduce cross contamination of additives and pigments, energy efficient stand by settings on chemical material tanks, options for mass flow measurement, data logging and remote access and an easy to use human machine interface.

Made in Austria but supported in the UK by expert service engineers to ensure integration into production and training for employees on operation, maintenance and servicing.