KraussMaffei high pressure PU mixing machine

AutoRIM are specialists delivering the widest range of high pressure polyurethane injection, metering and dosing machines across the UK. In addition we provide efficient production solutions through the supply of process equipment, technical service and spare parts for replacement or retrofit. We work with our customers, ensuring they achieve innovative and economic benefits from our experience and knowledge of PU equipment for improved competitive edge in manufacturing innovative components from polyurethane, or other reactive polymers.

KraussMaffei high pressure pu mixing machine

High pressure polyurethane chemistry mixing machinery provides economical production by optimising foam quality with uniform cell structure for improved lambda value. Therefore raw material costs decrease as there is no longer a requirement for solvent making production environmentally friendly. It is also more cost effective in both high volume production and prototyping.

KraussMaffei bolt on options interface all brands and include optimising thermal conditioning by heat exchangers and also tank stations. In addition for chemical blowing agent loading stations with the Pentamix pre-mixing station for Pentane or the latest HFO blowing alternative to HFCs. Preconditioning PU chemical component IBC container stations are available as standard for all makes of high pressure foam mixing equipment.

KraussMaffei Technologies Munich range of reaction process machinery gives AutoRIM customers access to world beating process. In addition to system solution high pressure technology at surprisingly affordable prices with fast delivery times. AutoRIM hold machines in addition to spare part stock in Whaley Bridge. Our experienced engineers are trained in support.

Additionally enhancements and retrofit parts for high pressure technology are easily available and include pumps, mixing heads and HMI upgrades suitable for all PUR and PU impingement mixing equipment brands.

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