Low pressure PU mixing machines | Low pressure polyurethane mixing

Mixing, metering, dosing and reaction PU and PUR injection machines

AutoRIM’s portfolio of low pressure PU mixing machines are made in the Derbyshire Peak District, Northwest of England. We’re proud to badge our equipment with the ‘Made in Britain’ marque. Our range for the polyurethane and PU processor includes metering, mixing, dosing and also reaction injection machines for PUR and PU, flexible integral skin and urethane cold cure foam.

The Rim-Mix – low pressure metering

Robust and reliable low pressure metering machines for a broad spectrum of applications in polyurethane processing. In developing the Rim-Mix series machines, we focused attention on the requirements of our customers. Furthermore, the latest generation of Siemens display screen provides an intuitive and user-friendly access to machine parameters, dispense times and status displays. During development we focused on ergonomic operation and worked to simplify and also reduce maintenance downtime.

The AutoRIM Ultramix low pressure mix head technology ensures homogeneous mixing of reactive polymers. Additionally, the Ultramix permits the introduction of other components. For example pigment, fire retardant or catalyst directly through the conveyor plate immediately prior to the mixer barrel. Therefore, ensuring the highest quality mixing performance.

Elasto-Mix low pressure cast mixing technology

The AutoRIM Elasto-Mix range of multi-component PUR elastomer dispensing units for higher viscosity materials at elevated temperatures. Designed for maximum reliability and also ease of operation. The Elasto-Mix range includes metering, mixing, and dosing machines for cast elastomers, GsPU and epoxy resin systems. The Megamix range of high delivery output units includes the Qube used by processors of filled and unfilled elastomers. This is especially in the offshore oil and gas industries for glass syntactic polyurethanes GSpu.

An elastomer is a polymer with the property of visco-elasticity manufactured from the mixing of a di-isocyanate and long chain polyol at the appropriate temperature, ratio and also output. The mixed elastomer casts (fills the mould/aperture) heat dissipates and the chemicals cure. This then produces a solid polyurethane elastomer of a versatility not easily matched. Invented as a replacement for natural rubber, polyurethane elastomers offer considerable advantages in customising and engineering elastomers. Including, benefits of environmental stability, abrasion resistance and ease of processing.

AutoRIM are pleased to work with leading suppliers of pu chemistry to the urethane industry. These include BASF, Baxenden, Covestro, Dow-Hyperlast, Educhem, Huntsman, IFS Group, Notedome and also Rosehill Polymers for elastomer formulated systems.

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