PU panel foaming presses | Polyurethane foam machinery

Building exceptional thermal properties

AutoRIM PU panel foaming press production equipment of PUR insulated composite panels for exceptional thermal properties. The range of polyurethane panel presses / polyurethane foam machinery for thermal insulation includes 2+2 systems, multi-daylight and open pour moulding technology used for SIPs, hybrid SIP systems, closed-panel building systems, full wall timber frame, factory build, offsite construction, thermally efficient structures, composite panels, energy efficient buildings, eco-friendly structures, rigid thermo-set insulant for controlled environments, and all offsite sustainable building systems.

In addition:

  • Retrofit steel composite heated platens for improved chemical adhesion, flow and density distribution across foamed panel
  • Male/female aluminium extruded edge detail tooling from 50mm to 250mm for interlocking polyurethane cored composite cold store and SIP insulation panels
  • Integrated mix head carriage traverse for improved mix head manoeuvrability and foam injection positioning
  • Vacuum handling for composite panel de-mould, positioning and stacking
  • Mix head upgrade and retrofit including pipework extensions and modifications