PU panel foaming presses | Polyurethane foam machinery

Building exceptional thermal properties

AutoRIM PU panel foaming press production equipment is perfect for manufacture of PUR insulated composite panels, providing exceptional thermal properties. The range of polyurethane foam machinery and polyurethane panel presses for thermal insulation includes 2+2 systems, multi-daylight and open pour moulding technology used for SIPs. It also includes hybrid SIP systems, closed-panel building systems, full wall timber frame, factory build, offsite construction, thermally efficient structures. In addition to composite panels, energy efficient buildings, eco-friendly structures, also rigid thermo-set insulant for controlled environments, and all offsite sustainable building systems.

PU panel foaming press features:

  • Retrofit steel composite heated platens, therefore providing improved chemical adhesion, flow and density distribution across foamed panel
  • Mix head upgrade and retrofit including pipework extensions as well as modifications
  • Vacuum handling for composite panel de-mould, positioning and also stacking
  • Female/male aluminium extruded edge detail tooling from 50–250 mm for interlocking polyurethane cored composite cold store and SIP insulation panels
  • Integrated mix head carriage traverse for improved mix head manoeuvrability and foam injection positioning

We also manufacture PU mixing machines.

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