PU Equipment | Polyurethane Mixing Machinery

Low Pressure PU mixing machine

PU mixing machines | Polyurethane mixing equipment

AutoRIM design and build low pressure polyurethane machines specified for equipment longevity and optimal performance so our customers worldwide can manufacture PU foam and elastomer products including automotive and office seating, coldroom and coldstore panels, SIPs and full wall timber frame, composite doors, RIM mouldings, field joint systems, GsPU, pipe insulation, elastomer wheels, medical components and many, many more.

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PU panel foaming presses | Polyurethane panel presses

AutoRIM PU panel foaming press production equipment of PUR insulated composite panels for exceptional thermal properties. The range of polyurethane panel presses for thermal insulation includes 2+2 systems, multi-daylight and open pour moulding technology used for SIPs, hybrid SIP systems, closed-panel building systems, full wall timber frame, offsite construction, factory build, thermally efficient structures, composite panels, energy efficient buildings, eco-friendly structures, rigid thermo-set insulant for controlled environments, and all offsite sustainable building systems.

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